Sunday, 20 September 2015

Perth Trip November 2015

23 March 2015 booked Tickets to Perth. It's Air Asia big sale.

Kul - Perth round trip only RM 348 (Adult) & RM 206 (Child).

Pen - Kul round trip only RM 19 (Adult & Child).

30 March 2015, we added 25kg Luggage which cost RM 198 for Kul - Perth round trip and RM 80 for Pen - Kul round trip.

Summary of Air Fare as below :

Pen - Kul - Perth round trip = RM 348 + RM 19 = RM 367 (Adult)
RM 206 + RM 19 = RM 225 (Child)

25kg Luggage = RM 198 + 80 = RM 278 (if divided to 4, each person RM 69.50)

Final Air Fare price inclusive of 25kg checked in luggage is :
Travelling Period: 9Nov to 18Nov.
Adult : RM 436.50
Child : RM 294.50

On 30 August 2015, booked a rental car from :
Car Hire Charge RM 1,231.88 + Full Protection RM 312.56 = RM 1,544.44 (USD 368.03)

Paid Deposit of USD 40 ~ RM 170.25

Balance of USD 328.03 ~ RM 1,376.58 to be paid on 13 October 2015.

On 29 September 2015, purchased travel insurance from AXA for RM 97.50. Family Package.

On 6 October 2015, Air Asia send an email saying flight changed and given us an option to change flight. We were excited!

We choose Option 1 : we changed our flight schedule to earlier on 6 Nov, 2015. The following day we use the Air Asia Live Chat to request for change. Managed to get connected to Live Chat at 11:38AM. The customer service officer said he will refer our case to the "Pre-Flight Department". at 9:30PM we received a call from Air Asia customer service and in a quick time we got our flight changed. Even for Pen-Kul flight also changed for free.

Our new itinerary :

With that changed, we now have extra 3 days in Perth, without incur any extra cost to the air flight! This is so wonderful!

7 Oct 2015, Change of Car Rental done.

31-Aug-2015, 30-Aug-2015RENTALCARS.COM MANCHESTER GBUS$40.00RM170.25

08-Oct-2015, 07-Oct-2015RENTALCARS.COM MANCHESTER GBUS$407.12RM1,768.87

08-Oct-201507-Oct-2015RENTALCARS.COM MANCHESTER GBUS$407.12RM1,768.87
31-Aug-201530-Aug-2015RENTALCARS.COM MANCHESTER GBUS$40.00RM170.25

Total Care Hire for 11 Days = RM 1,939.12

Change of Travel Insurance done on 8 October 2015 for extended stay.

This is for Family Package.

For Individual :

On 11 October 2015, Booked Hotels.

13-Oct-201512-Oct-2015SLEEP INN HOSP PL ALBANY AUA$136.00RM421.77

12-Oct-201511-Oct-2015RESTAWILE MOTEL BUSSELTON AUA$75.00RM232.50

12-Oct-201511-Oct-2015YHA Australia SYDNEY AUA$161.00RM499.12

On 12 Oct 2015, apply for Australia ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). It's Government Website charge AUD20 ~ RM61.08, but we found a webiste which charge only RM20.

After approval confirmation from xxx, go to the Australia official web site to check if it's already applied and approved. Below is the confirmation note that your application has been received and approved.

Australia ETA = RM 20 per person.

On 13 Oct 2016, go to money changer, buy AUD at RM 3.08 per 1 AUD.

On 15 Oct 2016, discovered YHA Malaysia which provides :

With this card, we could have saved AUD 8.00 (MYR 24.30) per night. Too bad we already booked the hotel before discovering this.

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